Saturday, 25 May 2013


Well I can see that keeping up with a blog will take some doing!  OK back to the pictures of the christmas planners.  I created these after spending an extraordinary length of time researching different types of books and folders that might help organise a busy mum in silly season. These planners have 3 separate lists for gifts, cards and notes and then a pocket to store all those pesky christmas receipts that get placed all over the house. On the reverse of the planner are detachable calendars for november and december.  I have a huge amount of fun making these and love them. Would love to hear what you think of them

This is the inside of one of the planners showing the lists and the receipts pocket.
There's a better one of the receipts envelope. It has a little swivel fastening on the reverse to keep them secure.
These are the calendars with lots of space to enter all the events of the season - usually half a ton of school parties / disco's / plays / bazaar's and then all the work events and then all the relatives visiting dates.....gawd it's busy isn't it!

I think they're quite handy and did sell the ones I made last year.  Have changed the design a little for this year will put some pics on when I get round to it.

I've also made some book style planners with HEAPS more room which can be used year on year.  Pics when I stand still long enough to take them.

Off to create something.  Thanks for visiting!