Monday, 3 June 2013

Peeking at the new christmas planners

OK so I was going to give you a peek at the new book style christmas planners i've been working on.....but my camera has decided otherwise.  It's not playing ball at all I shall have to get some super duper batteries and see if that's the problem.

It did let me take a couple of photos before refusing to work though.  This is the front of one of the planners, complete with binding holes on the left side.  They'll make a bit more sense when you can see the inside sections but essentially they will be planners for all those christmas lists and troublesome receipts and calendars and should last 3 years of use.

Here's the front

A close up of the sweet beaded front panel.  

This book has been made with Dovecraft Christmas Fancy papers and once the camera is my friend again will get some pictures done of the inside sections.  I promise you'll love them!