Monday, 24 June 2013

Nasty wool can be lovely too

You know that problem when something calls to you to buy it?  Well this ball of 'wool' is the nastiest quality in the universe, hasn't been within a hundred miles of a sheep and i'm fairly certain there's some wire wool spun in with it BUT the colours said I had to buy it.  Cheap as chips it was and a gigantic 250g ball to boot which further reflects the quality BUT I still really like it.
The colours shouldn't work right?  But i'm having fun crocheting a 'nothing' blanket in rows of doubles and trebles.  It's probably hideous to you, but it reminds me of a bizarre aran jumper than went wrong but is loved all the same.
Absolutely no idea how big it might get from one 250 ball.  I'm hoping a liberal dousing in softener will make it more cuddly once it's done.  Who cares if it ends up as a dog blanket, it's pleasing to my eye!